Has the New Policy at Citizens Medical Center Gone Too Far?
More controversy for Citizens Medical Center officials this week, following the announcement of a new policy that may be considered discrimination, based on physical appearance. When you apply for a job, you assume your qualifications are what matter most, but Citizens Medical Center in Victori…
America’s Obesity Rate Continues To Skyrocket
Americans keep getting fatter and fatter.
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's annual state-by-state report on the obesity epidemic has revealed that between 2008 and 2010, 16 states had what was described as a steep increases in their adult obesity rate.
See!! It’s Not a Gland Problem!!!
You've been looking for an excuse, haven't you? It can't be that you just got lazy. It can't be that you're just apathetic. It must be a gland problem, right? In a strange way it might be a gland problem. The glands that produced your children.