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Casino Employees Required to Wear Flea Collars
If  you thought the school dress code was strict, check this out. A New Zealand casino is making all of its employees wear flea collars while on the job. No, it's not some bizarre fetish club, it's a legitimate casino, and apparently it's because of a real flea problem. The problem is so bad in the …
Naked Man Throws Tennis Balls at Passing Cars
A naked man and some tennis balls sure caused a lot of racket in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday.
According to, police arrested the unidentified man for walking around in his birthday suit while tossing tennis balls at cars as they zipped by.
Computer Glitch Opens Grocery Store During Holiday
A Pak 'n Save in Hamilton, New Zealand, was supposed to be closed last week to observe Good Friday. Unfortunately, it appears the grocery store's technology never got the memo.
According to reports, a glitch in the store's security system caused its doors to electronically unlock at 1A…