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Insane GIFs From the 2013 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
Yesterday was the 97th annual Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, held on the Fourth of July in Coney Island. Joey Chestnut managed to not only win the championship title for the seventh straight year, he also set a new world record by eating 69 hot dogs in…
How to Annoy Every New Yorker in Under a Minute
Thanks, Buzzfeed! Not only can you name all the ways Todd Akin is just like Zach Morris, or whatever, you also managed to take all of the most annoying things about living in NYC and stick them in one video! We are now irrationally angry.
Man Has Held Same NYC Parking Spot Since Clinton Administration
Finding a good parking spot on most city streets can sometimes be a real bear. Finding one in a city like New York, next to impossible. So when you do actually find one, you want to keep it for a while. Well, how about 11 years! That's what a man who sells books on Manhattan's upper west s…
UPDATE: Subway Pole Dancing Is Becoming a Trend [VIDEOS]
CORRECTION: Ryan Wenzel has contacted us to clarify that he was the one who shot the video and was not actually the one performing the Subway Pole Dancing, as noted on the NY Daily News website:
The video, which was posted on YouTube and later Thursday, was taken Wednesday night by Ryan We…
Will Smith Forced to Move Giant-Sized Trailer
Though he's beloved by millions of moviegoers, Will Smith ticked off a number of Manhattan residents this week by parking his 1,150-square-foot, double-decker trailer right on the street.
According to the NY Post, SoHo residents and business owners were annoyed that the trailer, which costs $9,000 to…

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