Facebook : #1 New Place to Hire an Assassin
I knew that damned ole facebook was gonna be trouble. But ruining marriages is one thing. Addiction to "Farmville" is stupid and irritating to hear someone talk about, but it's not the real problem now either.

Murderer Inexplicably Tattoos Confession On His Chest
Los Angeles-area gang member Anthony Garcia killed John Juarez in front of liquor store back in 2004.
He commemorated the occasion with an elaborate chest tattoo, which contained the phrase "Garcia Kills," as well as a detailed etching of the crime scene, including the Christmas lights that…
Victoria : Dumb Criminals ?
I know Victoria is more known for it's #2 national ranking in murders per capita. We focus on our violent crime here in South Texas. I guess criminals here have their priorities straight. Go ahead. Blame on all on "gang activity".

If I were to kill a man in a wheel chair, rolling him off a cliff or down a set of stairs, I would have to say something like "Let the good times roll".