The 20 Worst Movies to Watch on an Airplane
You're moments into a three-hour flight when the captain comes on the intercom and explains that the use of approved electronics is now allowed. You don't feel like reading a book or a magazine -- there's WiFi on this flight -- and you feel like watching a movie.
New Movies: ‘Getaway,’ and One to Getaway From
If you're looking for a movie to see this weekend, I have good news and bad news. First the good-there's a pretty decent-looking action flick that features some slick driving in a badass Mustang, then the bad-a documentary about a cheesy teeny bop boy band.
‘We’re the Millers’ Review
'We're the Millers' is a vexing film. It's just funny enough to keep from being truly bad, but too preposterous and predictable to be anything close to good. For every laugh there's something that will make you want to hurl an object at the screen. When it flubs, it flubs hard, allowing each of the …
New Movies in Victoria: It’s All About the Number ‘2’
The summer movie season rumbles into the month of August with the release of a cuple of movies that come in twos, so to speak. One is an animated sequel about essence-filled tiny blue creatures, the other an action-thriller starring two of Hollywood's biggest names. There's that number 2 a…

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