Local Man Wins $100,000 on Scratch Off
What a perfect Friday afternoon for a father and son from Victoria who scratched a lottery ticket and won $100,000! That’s right $100,000! We aren’t sure what we would do with $100,000 but we do know we would be smiling from ear to ear
Brothers Blow-Up House After Winning Lottery
Everyone who plays the lottery has their own fantasy of what they'd do first if they won.
Two brothers from Wichita, Kan. celebrated their big lottery win by buying meth and weed, which resulted in them accidentally blowing-up their house and getting arrested...
Man Wins $250,000 on Live TV Ending Streak of Bad Luck
Maybe karma is real -- the man in this video, Bill Morgan, was in a car accident. Then he developed a heart condition. He was allergic to the medicine doctors gave him to treat it and had a heart attack. In fact, his heart stopped for 14 minutes, and he went into a coma. They were about to pull the …

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