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Lance Armstrong is a Radiohead Creep [VIDEO]
Lance Armstrong came clean (no pun intended) in an interview with Oprah recently, and that video has spawned a number of remixes and parodies on the internet. Here's a particularly good one, in which the Radiohead song Creep is used rather effectively. Warning-some NSFW language.
Conan Takes on Lance Armstrong’s Interview With Oprah
If only it actually went down this way.
With his new-found free time, cycling legend/disgrace Lance Armstrong recently took to the OWN network with Oprah Winfrey to discuss his doping, his loss of advertisers and apparently his immense jerkiness. And while Armstrong was candid in his "no holds b…
Here’s an Athlete Warning Us About Doping
Lance Armstrong has been in the news an awful lot lately, coming out on Oprah about doping during his cycling career, something he always denied in the past. Back in 2001, he even went so far as to use it as a theme in a commercial for Nike.