Study Shows Siri May Not Be As Smart As It Thinks It Is
Apple’s Siri app turned a lot of heads and ears when the iPhone 4S first hit the shelves. The voice controlled app looked and sounded like something from an Arthur C. Clarke novel.
However, it may not bring us any closer to having a real HAL 9000 computer (and considering what happene…
Chameleons Hate iPhones [VIDEO]
I don't know if this is any indication of the quality or worthiness of having an iPhone, but it's definitely an indication of what a chameleon thinks of one.
Tot Racks Up $200 in Charges on Mom’s iPhone
Are you smarter than a one-year-old?  Jeff and Holly Hall may have to think about it after their 20-month-old girl went
Holly Drumb Hall was shocked when she received an email saying she’d been charged more than $200 for a game called ‘Frisbee Forever...
Apple releases IOS 5.0.1 with fix for iPhone battery life bug
Apple on Thursday issued IOS 5.0.1, an incremental update for the iPhone, IPad and IPod touch that addresses a well-publicized bug that resulted in shorter battery life.
The update is now available to all users through ITunes, and will also be made available for download as an over-the-air update...
Chinese Teen Sells Kidney to Buy iPad 2
Xiao Zheng, a 17-year-old living in China, wanted an iPad 2 so badly that he was willing to sell one of his vital organs to get it.
Zheng didn't have the money for the tablet computer so he responded to an online ad that offered cash for healthy kidneys...
Tech Thursday: iPhone Battery – Make It Last Longer
If your iPhone battery seems to be holding less and less of a charge here are some ideas to help make it last longer.
Push e-mails: If you have a number of emails accounts, your phone could be checking them as often as every fifteen minutes...
radioPup Mobile App Now Available for Android
radioPup, the only mobile app that lets you to listen to 106.9 the Rock, is now available for Android users! Starting now, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android users can listen to KLUB FM anytime, anywhere, for free.
You can download radioPup and learn more about the app on our mobile app page...
Drunk Man Mistakes Cigarettes for Cell Phone [VIDEO]
Cell phones can do many things these days, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one that also satisfies your nicotine craving.
Britain's Sun newspaper reports a drunk driver in Russia pulled over by police tried to make a call with a pack of cigarettes he thought was a cell phone.
Cops pulled over the wo…
Introducing radioPup, Radio That Can Follow You Everywhere
Great news, 106.9 the Rock fans --- there’s a revolution happening in radio and you're a part of it. No longer do you need a radio to listen to the radio. With our brand new radioPup app you can listen to 106.9 the Rock all day, anytime, anywhere, for free --- directly on your s…

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