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40 Years Ago: Humble Pie Release ‘Thunderbox’
Released in February 1974, Humble Pie’s seventh studio album, ‘Thunderbox’ was pivotal for the seminal hard rock group led by legendary vocalist and guitarist Steve Marriott. But not in a good way, as it signaled their commercial fall from grace.
40 Years Ago: Humble Pie’s ‘Eat It’ Released
Steve Marriott and his boys in Humble Pie were firing on all cylinders at the start of 1973, fueled by the career-high No. 6 chart placing achieved by the previous year’s aptly named ‘Smokin’’ LP, which appeared to indicate the British group&Clos…
Top 10 Humble Pie Songs
One could make a good argument that Humble Pie have in some ways lived out the prophecy of their name. Now frequently overshadowed by the same peers they once blew off the stage, the British group have indeed been forced to eat humble pie in the grand scheme of classic rock history...