How To Dress For the Office Holiday Party
Trying to figure out what to wear to office Christmas parties is always a perplexing task: you don’t want to show up looking like a stiff – on the other hand you don’t want to look like you just finished working on your car.
8 National Days That Should Be Real Holidays
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Every once in a while the world needs a day off. Recognized holidays are few and far between. Thanksgiving and Christmas are separated by almost thirty days. Memorial and Labor Day are nice vacation bookends to the summer but they are months apart
My Favorite 4th of July Memory
My favorite 4th of July memory has absolutely nothing to do with fireworks, ice cream, the American flag, parades, etc. It doesn't have anything to do with family or friends, BBQ's or Booze either. My favorite 4th of July memory has to do with attempted shoplifting.

With special emphasi…
Why Is It So Hard To Get A Guy A Valentine?
I am usually a person who is ahead of the game on holidays and making sure our gifts are bought in advance of the actual holiday. But for some reason Valentine's Day just stumps me.
A guy can show up with flowers and a sweet card and a girl is happy as can be. Guys, on the other hand, are difficult t…