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Check Out the New Electric Harley [VIDEO]
Harley-Davidson motorcycles are the stuff of legend. You know the trademark look and sound of a Harley, but now the company is getting on the alternative energy train by introducing an all electric bike. Check out Project LiveWire.
Victoria Man Wins a Harley for Donating Blood
Giving the gift of life at the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center is one of our favorite causes here at KLUB Rock 106.9. The need for blood and other donations is constant, and that's why its such an important cause.
As an incentive, the SBTC gives away some pretty nice prizes and this su…
How to Pick up Your Fallen Harley
Speaking of Harleys, if you're a little bit on the smaller side, picking up your fallen bike isn't quite as easy as it is for larger riders. Check out this demonstration of proper technique by a young lady from the Tampa Harley Ladies Only Garage.