KIXS 108..ZiegenBock…Buffalo Wild Wings
Enough said...KIXS 108 is hosting another road show this Thursday, February 9th from 4pm to 6pm at none other than Buffalo Wild Wings 7905 N. Navarro.  What are celebrating again??? Well ZiegenBock of course.  Come out for some tasty samples, cool giveaways, and register to win a wicked Zi…
You’ve Never Heard the Star Wars Theme Like This Before
Intricate, dynamic orchestration is how we expect to hear great legendary movie themes, like the theme from Star Wars composed by John Williams. It's spectacular, and it's one of the few movie soundtracks of original music that I could listen to over and over again.
Take that theme, play al…
12 Year Old Prodigy Guitarist Channels Stevie Ray Vaughan
I have played guitar for a few years, and I've always dreamed of being able to play like Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan. I'm nowhere close to playing at that level, but I still enjoy making some noise once in a while.
When I see players like 12 year old Norwegian Frederik Halland jam an…
Heavy Metal Video Fail
So, you got a cool guitar and amp and you learned a few licks. Now, get out your video camera so you can upload a display of your shredding techniques for all the world to see. So far, so good. That is until...
Van Halen ‘Runnin’ With The Devil’ Isolated Guitar Track
I love Van Halen. Ever since the first album, I along with millions of others, was blown away by the way Eddie reinvented rock guitar. My friends and I were also floored by the band's attitude, the vocal harmonies, Diamond Dave's epic screams, and the stellar production.
As amateur guitar players, we…
Cat Tries to Disrupt Dude’s Shredding in This Hilarious Video
Do you play guitar? Do you own a cat? Do you ever sit down to jam, but your friendly feline has other ideas? Check out this guy jamming away, while his cat decides he should be paying attention to it instead. Points for the dude not missing a beat. It's better than I could do, for sure!

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