5 Unique Gifts for Pet Lovers
There are millions of gifts out there for pet lovers, but these 5 really take the cake. We scoured the internet looking for the greatest gifts for the pet lover in your life. From sweet to silly, you're sure to find something perfect below.
Does Anyone Respect Father’s Day?
Maybe if you're a single dad, rearing your children on your own, Father's day would be a big deal.  But otherwise, it's completely second fiddle to Mother's day.  It's a double standard. 
The difference: Guys don't care.
Women enjoy getting cards and f…
Why Is It So Hard To Get A Guy A Valentine?
I am usually a person who is ahead of the game on holidays and making sure our gifts are bought in advance of the actual holiday. But for some reason Valentine's Day just stumps me.
A guy can show up with flowers and a sweet card and a girl is happy as can be. Guys, on the other hand, are difficult t…