Hoarder’s Son Attacks Reporter on Live TV !!
Who doesn't love to see a reporter get f'd with on live TV? It's usually nothing too serious or mean. I once did a chicken dance behind a local reporter in an attempt to get free publicity for 106.9 The Rock. Everytime whe'd try to move away from me, I'd creep back up beh…
Pole Dancing for Jesus — Yes, It Really Exists [VIDEO]
Move over, oil and water: A local FOX affiliate in Houston, TX, has discovered a new phenomenon that will have everyone scratching their heads.
It's called -- wait for it -- Pole Fitness for Jesus, a bi-weekly program in which women dance on a stripper pole set to Christian music.
Sounds like an oxymo…
Jacob Lusk Breaks Out On ‘American Idol’ [VIDEO]
The star of Thursday night's Hollywood week edition of "American Idol" was Jacob Lusk.
Lusk's high-octane performance of Billie Holiday's "God Bless The Child" had the audience pumping their fists, the judges standing, and left the 23-year-old from Compton, California so emotional…