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Time to Vote For Your Favorite Crossroads Superdad!
The search is on for the Crossroads Superdad! We asked for you to send us your superdad nominations. We got tons of entrie,s and it was hard for our judges to select the top ten. Thanks to everyone who took the time to tell us about their superdads...
Is Your Dad a Crossroads Superdad?
Father's Day is coming up, and we're on a search for Crossroads Superdads! If your dad is a Superdad, we want to reward him for all he does. Details on how to nominate yor Superdad below.
Father’s Day Cards From Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters
It's that special time of year when each of us takes stock of our relationship to dear old dad and shops for the appropriate necktie to give him on Father's Day. To make this gift extra-personal, it's customary to include a thoughtful note, telling your dad what makes him special.
10 Terrible Father’s Day Gifts
We're not here to tell you how to run your life. We're mostly just here to provide you with cute pictures of kittens and GIFs you might like. But, if we could make a suggestion, don't get your dad any of these things for Father's Day.
A Father’s Day Message from Steel Panther
It's Father's Day weekend, and what better way to express your feelings, than with a message from a couple of real sentimental guys like Michael Starr and Stix Zidinia from Steel Panther? Check it out.
Funny Texts From Dads for Father’s Day
Good ol' dad. You wouldn't exist if not for him. But that's not all that makes dads great. Let's not forget their penchant for terrible jokes. Combine that with technology, and you've got some text treasures on your hands. Here's just a smattering of ridiculous dad text…

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