Plano is the Best Texas City to Celebrate Easter
Easter Sunday is this weekend, and if you're looking for the best city in the Lone Star State to celebrate, you need to head to Plano.
According to the website Wallet Hub, Plano ranks 41st on the list of Best & Worst Cities for Easter Celebrations.
9 Tasty Peeps Cocktails That’ll Help You Forget Easter
It's Easter weekend, and we all know what that means -- time to eat some ham and get your crunk on. We've always said if you aren't risking an insulin coma, you aren't really drinking, so here are some Peeps-themed cocktails to prove you love Easter but hate your body...
Who Won an Easter Basket?
Easter is almost here!  We teamed up with We Buy and Sell Real Estate to give you a chance at winning an Easter Basket. Drum roll please  Alexandra Rivera,Judy Pedraza, Kristina Kruse,Luis Rivera, Patty Amezcua, Nicole Cano, Cristella Amejorado, Mary Janssen,Jannett Alex, Carolyn Asher, Michelle Rie…
What, Are You Kidding Me?
A Seattle, Washington elementary school may have taken political correctness a bit too far, when they decided that Easter eggs should now be referred to as "spring spheres." Wait, what?!? Now, we've heard it all!