Metal Drummer Rocks with His Fingers
These days, you don't need actual instruments to rock out, all you need is an app for your iPad and some killer background music to jam to, like this dude. He does happen to be an actual drummer but, doesn't have room for a kit in his apartment. Turn it up!
Man Sets World Record With 813-Piece Drum Set
Mark Temperato's drum kit weighs two-and-a-half tons and includes 813 individually assembled pieces that the Lakeville, N.Y., resident can reach without taking a step. That's a world record, according to the folks at Guinness, who know about such things.
This Washing Machine has Automatic Rythym [VIDEO]
How many times have you had the guys together to jam, but you didn't have a drummer? Maybe he had to work, or maybe you just didn't know anyone that had a kit and could bring it over.  Either way, with this washing machine your problems are solved! The only thing is, you have to play …
Bride Rocks Her Own Wedding on the Drums [VIDEO]
Sure, you love your wife. You wouldn't have married her otherwise, right? I mean she's got many great qualities, she's beautiful, warm, caring, generous, intelligent, funny, but the question is, can she rock? Check out this bride who really does!