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Amy Schumer — Crush of the Day
Cute, crush-worthy comedian Amy Schumer is making headlines after revealing details about her romantic relationship with her ex-boyfriend, WWE’s Dolph Ziggler.
Fiona Apple — Crush of the Day
Despite a seven-year absence from the music scene, Fiona Apple is just as popular as ever. The acclaimed singer-songwriter, known for her emotional performances and general strange-itued, released her latest hit album, ‘The Idler Wheel…’, in June.
Ronda Rousey -– Crush of the Day
Our budding obsession with Ronda Rousey is no secret. We pointed you to her hot Twitter pics last week, and we named her one of the most beautiful but brutal female fighters. Well, they don’t call it an obsession for nothing – the Olympic medal winning MMA fighter is our Crush …
Lianne La Havas — Crush of the Day
British folk and soul singer Lianne La Havas is receiving a ton of buzz lately, and it’s all well deserved. She has a singular sound and an unforgettable look that’s inspired us to name her our Crush of the Day.
Ksenia Solo — Crush of the Day
Ksenia Solo is a stunning actress who you can see every week on the Syfy series ‘Lost Girl.’ She may or may not also be related to Han Solo. We kinda like to think she is.
Zoe Kazan — Crush of the Day
Today’s Crush, the lovely Zoe Kazan, joins the quirky, sexy Manic Pixie Dream Girl sorority with her leading role in the new indie film ‘Ruby Sparks.’
Amanda Righetti — Crush of the Day
We’re not sure what’s wrong with Hollywood. If it was up to us, actress Amanda Righetti would be on TV, in movies and starring in commercials much more frequently than she is now. For the time being, she’ll have to settle for being our Crush of the Day…
Katee Sackhoff — Crush of the Day
Katee Sackhoff earned her place in the Geek Goddess Hall of Fame with her stunning and sexy portrayal of the badass space pilot Starbuck on ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ But we’d be crushing on the blonde actress even if she didn’t star in one our favo…

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