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Loren Allred — Crush of the Day
Loren Allred won the unofficial “most improved player” trophy on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ this week. The former wedding singer impressed the judges by showing major improvement during the reality talent show’s recent rush of …
Kate Earl — Crush of the Day
Beautiful singer-songwriter Kate Earl makes the kind of catchy, dreamy twang-pop you’d expect her to make. Her music has soul and style, and her voice is hard to forget.
We’re pretty sure her face would be hard to forget too if you walked by her on the street...
Kyna Treacy — Crush of the Day
O.K. sports fans, we know it sucks when your team is down, the game is in the final stretch, and a key player seems completely distracted. But we like to think there’s one instance in which you can forgive a star player for having his mind on something other than the big game: When h…
Nadine Coyle — Crush of the Day
We totally understand if you missed the news about UK girl pop group Girls Aloud reuniting and releasing a new single. Hey, we wouldn't even have noticed if our friends over at PopCrush didn’t tell us about it.
Heather Clem — Crush of the Day
Heather Clem was virtually unknown until last week. After a grainy videotape she appeared in found an internet audience, Heather Clem became known forever as 'The Girl in the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape.'
Jacqui Ainsley — Crush of the Day
English model Jacqui Ainsley is our 'Crush of the Day.' We figured we’d better start appreciating this tall and striking English model before fiancé Guy Ritchie officially pulls her off the market.
Cher Lloyd — Crush of the Day
It’s almost physically impossible not to crush on Cher Lloyd. The sexy and talented 19-year-old UK singer is taking over the pop culture landscape with catchy new tracks from her new album ‘Sticks + Stones’ and spirited live performances in the U.S.
Olga Kurylenko — Crush of the Day
Olga Kurylenko is becoming the go-to hot European actress to co-star in flashy American action flicks. You may remember her from her roles in the ‘Hitman’ movie adaptation and the 22nd Bond film ‘Quantum of Solace.’
Emilia Clarke — Crush of the Day
Emilia Clarke went from little known actress to dragon queen of the Internet after the first episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ aired on HBO. Clarke plays the hot and hardcore Daenerys Targaryen on the dark fantasy series.
Brittany Kerr — Crush of the Day
Brittany Kerr is making the news today because she may or may not have been caught hooking up with married country music singer Jason Aldean. She’s hot, she’s a cheerleader, and she may be involved in a juicy celebrity cheating scandal. Yeah, we’d say …

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