Metallica Invites Vancouver Fans to Five-Dollar Concert
Metallica wants their fans to be a part of the group’s upcoming movie! According to the band’s official website, all wheels are rolling for their much talked about 3-D concert movie, and anyone willing to travel to Vancouver, B.C. can be a part of the process for a ve…
Les Claypool of Primus Didn’t Want a Reunion
Last month, Primus fans celebrated the release of ‘Green Naugahyde,’ the band’s first new album in over a decade. But to hear bassist and band frontman Les Claypool describe the release, the Primus reunion didn’t meet up to the hype.
“To be honest with you, I wasn’t really that interested in doing it…
Steve Nash Gets Awkward Lap Dance From Nicki Minaj [VIDEO]
During a concert at U.S. Airways Arena in Phoenix Tuesday night, hip-hop diva Nicki Minaj pulled Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash up on stage and proceeded to give him a lap dance.
From the bewildered, somewhat frightened look on Nash's face, you can tell he's not really a strip club kind of guy. …
What a Concert!
Imagine some of the greatest classic rock legends getting together for a charity.  Pretty sweet, right? Now, imagine those rockers getting together for not just one concert, but for five days on the high seas. Friggin' awesome!