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10 Comic Book Characters Who Would Make Terrible Friends
You love reading about their adventures and feel like they are almost a part of your life but would you really want to grab a brew in real life with a comic book superhero (or villain)? Here are ten comic book characters who would make particularly bad friends.
Here’s How You Could Be the Next Iron Man
If you're wanting to be the next Iron Man or Hulk or if you just want a really awesome skeleton -- here's a handy guide to how you can make that happen courtesy of comedian Rusty Ward.
In his new Web series 'Science Friction,' Rusty brings real world technology to everyone's favorite tipsy superhero.…
10 Gender-Swapped Versions of Famous Comic Book Characters
Rumors are swirling around the geek-o-sphere that Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen may in fact be Jenny Olsen, and played by actress Rebecca Bueller, in this summer's movie 'Man of Steel.' Fans are already freaking over the idea of Superman palling around with a woman who isn't Lo…