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‘Bob Dylan Hair’ Shows Up in Black Keys Divorce
Divorces are never pleasant, especially when you have to wrangle over who gets the money, the car, the house and ... that wad of Bob Dylan's hair. No, seriously. That's something Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach and his ex-wife recently fought over in court.
Alabama Shakes ‘Hold On’-Official Video
Do you like a little southern-infused blues and soul in your music? Do you like The Black Keys, Kings of Leon and other bands like that? We're talking rock without any pretenses or flash, just great songs. Check out this new band called Alabama Shakes. Following an EP released last year, the band's …
Gold On the Ceiling-The Black Keys Official Video
The Black Keys have been getting a lot of positive press lately with the release of their latest album El Camino. We're getting quite a few calls for the song here on KLUB Rock 106.9, so I thought we should check out the official video.