bee gees

Introducing AC/Bee Gees [VIDEO]
Mashups can be pretty clever, when you take two songs, usually from different genres, and edit them together to create something new. Here's one from the folks at Wax Audio, and it's gold!
Robin Gibb Dead at 62
Robin Gibb, one-third of the legendary Gibb Brothers  better known to the world as the Bee Gees, has passed away today (May 20) at the age of 62. The news was given via an official statement:
Pink Floyd+The Bee Gees=Awesome! [VIDEO]
Back in the 70's, practically every band went through their disco period, even Pink Floyd. Okay, maybe not. But what if the prog rockers teamed up with one of the biggest bands of the period for a collaborative effort? I now present to you the possible results of a marriage that never happened.…