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Ted Cruz-Up Close & Personal [VIDEO]
As the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination heats up, it's often difficult to really get a feel for what the candidates are like. Take Texas Senator Ted Cruz for example. He has a reputation for being a hard-nosed conservative that's not easy to work with in the Senate. What you don't kno…
The First Democratic Debate and Game Show
If you spend any amount of time at all on the web, you're probably familiar with the news and sports parodies known as Bad Lip Reading. You've probably seen the ones they've done with movies and TV shows, and the NFL. They've also given the treatment to the Republican Presidential Candidate's Debate…
More Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading
There are only a few weeks before AMC's Walking Dead returns for season 5. I know you're as stoked as I am about it so, to get you in the mood, check out this installment of More Walking (And Talking) Bad Lip Reading of season 4. Awesome!
The Walking Dead-Bad Lip Reading [VIDEO]
I love The Walking Dead on AMC. I also love the treatment given to all kinds of video, whether its political, music, TV or film, from the Bad Lip Reading people. What happens when you give a great TV show the treatment? You get talking zombies, bizarre dialogue, even a song worthy of Broadway! Check…

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