Austin, Dallas on Short List for Amazon Headquarters
Amazon is expanding, which probably come as no surprise since so much online shopping comes from there, and they are looking for a place to put a second headquarters. On the list of possible locations are both Austin and Dallas.
A total of 20 locations are being considered that were announced last we…
Austin Hookers Busted After Condoms Clog City Drain Pipe
A ring of prostitutes in Austin got busted after used condoms clogged a city drainage pipe. Wait, what?!?!
According to a published report, a massage parlor was operating in a strip center (no pun intended) in the northwestern part of the city, and a realty company took over the property...
Austin Mayor Helps You Find a Cool Neighborhood
I'm a big fan of the IFC TV show Portlandia. On a recent episode, Fred, one of the main characters played by Fred Armisen, decided he was going to move from the show's setting of Portland, Oregon to Austin, Texas. When he got there, he was welcomed by the Mayor who showed him a handy video called 'H…

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