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The Best ‘Obama Calling’ GIFs and Memes
Somebody decided to post this picture of the president on Reddit, titling it 'My new favorite picture of President Obama.' People went crazy over it pretty much immediately, because Obama's exhausted attempt at smiling is pretty goofy looking. So many great memes came out of this it w…
15 Hilarious Infomercial ‘Fail’ GIFs
This could be the best thing that's happened to us today. We found a new Subreddit (courtesy of Daily Dot) dedicated solely to the moments in infomercials when people can't do simple things everybody else can do.
The Best Felix Baumgartner Memes and GIFs
We still haven't recovered from Felix Baumgartner's amazing leap to Earth from the stratosphere. Fortunately, the internet is right there with us. Here are the best memes and GIFS we could find on the subject of Baumgartner's 128,000-foot free-fall. Ugh, just saying it makes us f…
The VP Debate in Gifs, Memes and More
The 2012 presidential race once again set the internet on fire. There were gifs, fake twitter accounts, an AMAZING hairswap and all the other stuff that comes from people who live their lives online briefly taking an interest in politics. It helps that Joe Biden is a very expressive man. Here are so…
Mitt Romney Photobomb Prompts Hilarious Memes
Mitt Romney was on the campaign trail at a Chipotle in Denver, Colorado when this photo was taken. The man in the picture swears this is just his excited face. Unfortunately, his expression, coupled with his striking similarity to a young Will Smith, made this photo a guaranteed internet sensation. …
Babies Make the Funniest Sour Faces
We're suckers for sour faces. Warheads, lemons-- you name it! Although we're fans of any kind of pungent-induced expression, there's something about the way kids react to super sour foods that's just so cute, charming and hysterical.

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