Is This Really a Photo of an Alien in the Woods in Texas?
Maybe we're just hypersensitive to this sort of thing, but it seems like UFO reports have been pouring in lately. After the possible appearance of UFOs in Google Street View and in the skies over San Francisco and Brooklyn, a man claims to have snapped a photographed of a "Grey&quo…
Did UFOs Appear Over Brooklyn and San Francisco?
We're already convinced that aliens exist, so it's not like we need any further proof. But these clips of identical UFOs hovering in the sky over Brooklyn and San Francisco blew us away. All hail our alien overlords! (The videos are a bit NSFW, by the way, due to some UFO-inspired pot…
Update on Alaska’s Mysterious “Orange Goo”
Ok. Scientists say they have it figured out. Kind of anyway. Maybe "figured out" is pushing it, but narrowed down, at least.

They claim now that is definitely a "natural" substance. It's not man-made. So their verdict as to WHAT it exactly is...Eggs.

Eggs? What k…

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