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Van Halen Brothers Attend Church Service in New Jersey
It’s possible New Life Christian Center pastor Mark Granville would have been thrown off his game last week, had he only recognized the famous faces hanging on his every word from the front row. Alex and Eddie Van Halen took in mass at the Trenton, N.J. church, but Granville had neve…
Alex Van Halen Spurned By Al Roker During Flight to New York
Al Roker and Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen engaged in a silent argument on Monday before a flight from Los Angeles to New York. The New York Post reports that Roker was seated between Van Halen and his wife Stine Schyberg, and refused to switch seats to accommodate the couple.
The Mix is on for Van Halen
The rumor mill has been churning for some time about new music from Van Halen, and now comes a little more fuel to the fire, but this time from an insider who says the band is at work mixing the new album. The insider is a little unusual, too.
Van Halen Down Under?
After a 3 year break from playing live, Van Halen may be about to get their stage legs back this fall, at a festival in Australia. That's the word from Soundwave Revolution, where the band is listed as the headliners of the traveling festival.