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Holiday Discount for Victoria Travelers
Victoria Regional Airport and Texas Sky offers holiday discount for Victoria Travelers.   Texas Sky introduced the very roomy 19-passenger British Aerospace Jetstream 32 twin-turbo aircraft with a flight from Victoria to DFW International airport...
Win a Free Airline Ticket if Your Candidate Loses
If you wake up on November 7 and decide you just can't bear to live in a land with a President Romney or withstand another four years of President Obama, then have we got an offer for you: JetBlue Airways will fly you out of the country free of charge.
Couple Hands Out Candy on Flight to Apologize for Crying Babies
Few things are as aggravating as screaming children on cross-country flights, or the ones who remain quiet all the while booting your chair with rhythmic incessancy. A couple with 14 week old twin boys was more than aware of this fact and as a pre-emptive measure when flying cross-country from San F…