Ad Campaign Features Panda Path of Destruction [VIDEO]
You've probably seen those TV shows that feature creative commercials from around the globe. There is some pretty strange and funny stuff out there for sure, but I personally have never seen any from the Middle East before. I stumbled across these ads from Egypt for a food product called Panda. I'm …
Burger King Kills Its King
Burger democratists, rejoice: As of this weekend, the creepy Burger King mascot, “the King,”  is officially dead.
Concurrent with the release of the guacamole topped California Whopper, Burger King’s new advertising agency of record McGarryBowen has …
Cool, Creepy Bowling Balls Promote German TV Channel [VIDEO]
Imagine that you're at the bowling alley with some friends, having a cold one, and bowling a game or two. You step up to the lane to get your ball, and suddenly you're horrified and disgusted to see that you were about to pick up a bloody, decapitated head.  Holy crap!!
Hoover Pulls Ads From ABC After Soap Cancellations
It looks like vacuum maker Hoover is about to play dirty.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hoover plans to pull its ads from ABC following the network's decision to cancel two of its soap operas -- 'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' -- last week.
VP of marketing Brian Kirkendall claims they …