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CharlieMac Sunday Drink Specials
We all have great notions of plans to do on the weekends, but I for one don't end up doing most of those plans. Lets face it, going to to moon and back in one weekend is simply not possible. Do I set my goals a little too high? Maybe. Do I dream big...
Sunday CharlieMac Drink Specials
Another weekend, another need for relaxation and fun. Here is a drink recipe that you can find not only sweet and relaxing, but fun to make as well.
Honey Bee Recipe (original source)
2 oz light rum (other recipes use Dark rum, your choice)
½ oz honey
½ oz lemon juice
Lemon spiral, to garnish
Saturday CharlieMac Drink Specials
With the New Year in full swing, I think we should take a moment and relax and take in the moment. Sit back, watch the world around you or watch something on the screen. While you're at it, relax with a delicious mixed drink in hand. Here's one that might just be sweet enough for you...