OK I'm not sure what it's going to take for people to realize they can't just walk up to wild life and expect to take a picture without some kind of consequence. I've seen people at the park trying to feed ducks only to be mobbed by gang of geese waiting nearby.

Also, I've seen people who think they can just walk up to a squirrel with a piece of bread and all of the sudden they're BFF's. More times than not they come away with some kind of skin puncture wound.

Then there's THIS guy. Sees a cute little squirrel and thinks "awww, this little guy wants his picture taken and posted all over the internet...OK little buddy come here". WRONG! What he's actually thinking is "Give me whatever food you have and get the f**k out of my face!". "No food? Alright buddy, you asked for it".

And here is the end result.

Stay in school kids.