You've all been to a sporting event where seemingly nothing happens. However, there are the rare instances where you take a picture at just the right moment and hilarity ensues. Here is a collection of pictures taken at sporting events at just the right take the camera next time you're at a Victoria Generals, UHV Jags or Victoria Texans game...never know what you might capture.

Boy, your chin sure is delicious....did you have ice cream earlier?

I've heard "Be the ball" before but....damn.

I'm not even sure how this happens....

Well, if you can't beat em....pick your damn nose on live national TV

Well....that's one way to tackle someone.

Crouching Tiger....Hidden Outfielder.

And how does that foot taste sir?

This is the dangers of eating Taco Bell before a big game...

Damn....pick me a winner!

Somebody feed this guy before someone gets hurt...

Now that's using the ol noodle fella...

No means no!

Look at the concentration! Or is that the pain from being an eternal virgin? Hard to tell...they look similar.

Getting your first period in the middle of a track meet.....priceless.