The age old question....OK maybe only a few years old....has finally been answered.

Did Tony Soprano die at the end of the series?

You all remember the scene. He's sitting in a diner with his family when you hear someone come through the door and he looks up then Leaving everyone to wonder who came through the door? Was it a hit? Was it just another customer?

Well series creator and writer David Chase finally answered the question.

When asked "Is Tony dead or what?" Chase responded angrily with "Why are we talking about this?" The reply from the interviewer "I'm just curious"....Chase replied "No, no he isn't".

So there you have it. After 7 years we finally get the answer. No, Tony Soprano is not dead although the actor who plays him, James Gandolfini, is dead. But, the character survived and is still alive and well in our hearts and minds.

Just in case you were curious.