Ask any woman, and she'll probably tell you that men are tough to figure out. As a man, I can say the same holds true for women. I guess the mystery is what makes it interesting in a relationship, learning what makes your partner tick, their idiosyncrasies, their tastes, their insights. Well ladies, behold what's inside every man's mind.Thanks to a book from author Sheridan Simove called "What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex", the answer is here! And yes, you were right all along, the answer is... nothing. According to the Daily Mail, when he sat down to write the book, Simove literally drew a blank, so that's exactly what's in the book, 200 blank pages. The book is so popular, the first printing has sold out already but it is available through Amazon.

The author reportedly already has a follow up in mind along the same lines, "Reasons To Trust Politicians."