Recently, the astute researchers at Men’s Health spent some time scouring the internet for statistical research to help answer the question “what is the smuttiest city in America?”

Although the porn soaked streets of Los Angeles will likely continue to produce most of the smut in America, it seems that the largest majority of ‘whackers’ and ‘smackers’ take up residence in Orlando, Florida. Talk about a “magic kingdom.” While Disney’s G-rated tourism has people walking around wearing Bermuda shorts and mouse ears, the locals are engaging in more twisted feats of XXX-tracurricular activity than anyone else in the country.

Men’s Health compiled stats on the number of DVD’s purchased, rented, or streamed, adult entertainment stores per city, rate of porn searches and percentage of Cinemax-subscribing households, and compiled the  list of 100 cities with extremely rosy palms.

We know you can hardly wait to see if your city made the cut. After all, you need something to be proud of, don’t you?

The Top Ten Smuttiest Cities in America

1. Orlando, FL

2. Las Vegas, NV

3. Wilmington, DE

4. Raleigh, NC

5. Charlotte, NC

6. Minneapolis, MN

7. Atlanta, GA

8. Tampa, FL

9. Anchorage, AK

10. Austin, TX

Do you live in one of America’s smuttiest spots? If not, how soon are you moving there? We’re already packed. We’ve got five vans full of porn videos. We packed light.