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Free The Weed Reggae Festival to Celebrate 420 in Riverside Park
It's Friday, April 20th, also known as 4/20, a tie-in the with the term '420,' which in slang terms, refers to smoking marijuana. In efforts to see the plant which has both recreational and medicinal uses legalized, groups such as 'Free The Weed In Texas' put on events inclu…
Where’s the Live Music This Weekend? Here’s Your Schedule
Want to go enjoy some live music around town this weekend, but don't know where to go? Now, you can find out pretty easily thanks to the Victoria Area Music Association. This non-profit group is all about supporting and promoting live music, nightclubs and other places they play, and businesses…
Metallica Ask Fans to Work in Food Banks
Metallica’s charity foundation All Within My Hands has announced a day of service scheduled for May 23, and it invited fans of the band to join in by volunteering at a food bank near them.