Charlie Sheen has been a subject of interest these past few weeks. It's hard not to watch him as he deals with the backlash of his recent binges and wonder if he's out of a job with the announcement that "Two and a Half" men has been put on hiatus.

With the spate of interviews he's done, many people would call his behavior erratic. Others might just call him crazy and wouldn't be surprised by anything he did.

How about passing not one but two drug tests? Would that surprise you?

That's exactly what Sheen did before appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America" which has come as something of a surprise to the masses. His choice of words during the interview on the morning show can only be described as colorful... and interesting.

During the interview, Sheen announced his intention to sue CBS for an unspecified amount. Well, he specified if you count the answer "a lot".

The interview on "Good Morning America" is featured below: