You've been looking for an excuse, haven't you?  It can't be that you just got lazy.  It can't be that you're just apathetic.  It must be a gland problem, right?  In a strange way it might be a gland problem.  The glands that produced your children. 

Well, According to a new study, parenthood can make you fat.  Sooooo, there ya go.  There's your excuse.  Blame it on your kids!!!  


Researchers found that parents have a difficult time maintaining healthy habits as they juggle the demands of raising a family.

New moms and dads get less exercise than adults the same age who don't have children and moms take in more calories, especially from junk food, than women who don't have kids. 

"Moms are trying to eat well, at least as well as non-moms," said researcher Jerica Berge. "But at the same time, they're also eating more of these high-fat foods with their kids."

 So Stop.  Ain't it really that easy?

Berge says she thinks that many women in the study prepared healthier food for themselves, but also nibbled when serving foods like macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets to their kids. 

Again...Stop!! Below is a link to the medical research study.