Well it's certainly no secret that Refugio Bobcat's quarterback Travis Quintanilla is in trouble....BIG trouble.

The 19 year old was arrested at 3am Tuesday morning on suspicion of DWI. You read that right....19...DWI.

Now don't get me wrong. I drank when I was 19, who hasn't? But he will get zero sympathy from me for getting behind the wheel which is both reckless, and incredibly stupid. I believe he's lucky he was pulled over before he could seriously injure or kill someone.

Quintanilla also plays baseball for the Bobcat's but because of his shear stupidity, he will be sitting out the rest of the season which, as it turns out, is in the playoff stages as we speak.

In February, Quintanilla signed on to play both Football and Baseball at Texas A&M Kingsville. Something I hope is in serious jeopardy now. This young man needs to know the seriousness of his actions. And if that means he jeopardizes his ride to college, then so be it.

Why am I so hard on the guy you might ask? Back in 2002 I lost a very close childhood friend to very similar circumstances. 20 year old college kid, drunk, t-boned my friends car killing him instantly. And yet the dunk driver survived and less than a year later, he was out of jail and shortly after that, he was arrested again for DWI. So naturally, I have no sympathy.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to bury the kid. If he is truly sorry and learns the lessons he needs to learn from this then I'm all for his success. And I don't NOT want him to go to college, but I think he needs to sit out a year athletically. There needs to be a punishment for the crime and Travis, I sincerely hope you know the full extent of the seriousness of the situation and contemplate what could have, but thank God, didn't happen.

Good luck.