Imagine going out to get in your car, only to find it missing. That would totally suck. Preventing your car from being stolen in the first place is pretty easy. The Victoria Police Department is putting on a free VIN etching event to do just that.

VIN Etching is the process of etching the vehicle's specific vehicle identification number into the windshield itself, which won't guarantee that it won't be stolen, but will reduce the chances greatly, because then a car thief has to go to the trouble and expense of replacing the vehicle's glass.

VIN Etching may also increase your vehicle's resale value, and reduce your insurance costs.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 13th from 9am to 12 noon at Parkway Baptist Church at 4802 John Stockbauer. You must bring your driver's license, proof of insurance and the registered owner must be present.

For more information, contact the Victoria Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at 361-485-3808. You can also stop by their office in Victoria Mall.