Since Portal blew up, fans everywhere have imagined what they’d do in the real world if they ever got their hands on a portal gun. Well, thanks to NECAonline, you can now have one.

Sure, the functionality has been reduced a little bit (you can’t actually shoot holes in solid objects that let you warp from one location to another) but it does make some cool-ass lights and noises.

Here’s the description from NECAOnline:

Life size 1:1 scale replica from the acclaimed Portal video game measures nearly 30″ in length. It features both orange and blue LED lights and unique sounds that correspond to each color. A 3 way switch allows you to select blue, orange or off and when you pull the trigger you activate the ”firing” and sound.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to pretend that you’re being held hostage in a scientific research facility but you don’t actually want to go to North Korea, this might just be the replica for you.

Get one at NECAonline.