MTV surely did ruffle a few feathers this past Sunday with their VMA award show.  A show that elicited a ton of sarcastic tweets and lets not forget about the still shot of Will Smith and family with jaws dropped open at Miley Cyrus' performance.

Speaking of Cyrus the Virus, her twerk filled performance drew the attention of the Parents Television know, those people who think they know what's best for everyone?  Yeah, those bastards.  The irony?  Cyrus' father, singer Billy Ray Cyrus, is a member of the advisory board.  Yeah, not even kidding.

After the VMA performance this is what Billy Ray had to say "Thanking God for so many blessings tonight. Continue to pray for world peace. More love . . . less hate." The New York Times theorized that the tweet might have been a response to the media backlash, but Cyrus has cleared up the confusion in a follow-up tweet: "FYI "Love Not Hate" Late last night I was watching devastating news out of Syria," he wrote. "Chemical weapons used on innocent children is unacceptable!"

Way to change the subject schmuck...but then again, why would you openly speak out against not only your own daughter, but your meal ticket?