Not sure how to look at this. Either someone really did get their hands on an early copy of the Sams Club ad or perhaps the company purposely let the ad slip a little early to build up anticipation and drive bigger numbers to the store.

Either way get ready gamers because Sams Club is about to offer a huge discount on it's Sony Playstation 4 consoles. They plan to offer the console for just $299 and that comes with a free game.

A few things to note. There is nothing that says the free game offered is up to the buyer or if they already have a game in mind they will give away with the purchase. Either way, this is the cheapest this nexgen console has been offered. Normally, they are $349 without a game. Also, this is a one day only deal on November 14th and a doorbuster....meaning you have to be there at 7am to take advantage. And there is also the fact that it's Sam's Club which means you have to have a membership which is around $45 a year. So, if you don't have a membership it's probably not worth the extra $45 to get one to take advantage of the deal. If that's the case I'd just wait for Black Friday or perhaps Cyber Monday to cash in on a good deal.