Yes, we have some strange laws in this country, mostly outdated ones that just haven't ever been taken off the books. Here in Texas, did you know it's illegal to take more than 3 sips from a beer while standing? Or,  that there's a law that prohibits the shooting of a Buffalo from a 2nd  story hotel window? That is strange. Every state has some, but here's one from our neighbors in the great white north that may surprise you. There is an Ontario Provincial law that prohibits dentists from having sex with their own spouse, if they also happen to be their patient. Okay, I can see where this is going, the idea is to keep dentists from inappropriate behavior in the office. But this provision doesn't specify where the act takes places. That means, that they can't even have relations away from the office, in their own homes! The provision isn't very old, it was adopted in 1993, and the motivation behind it was to address the issue mainly with psychiatrists and psychologists, but dentists happen to fall under the same rules.

Writing a tongue in cheek response to the provision in the Oral Health Journal, Orthodontist Randy Lang suggested how couples could avoid trouble with the provision: "Have your spouse wear a disguise, like a mustache and beard, when she or he enters and exits your dental office," he wrote. "Also, at home, be sure to lock your bedroom door and cover all the windows with black paper."

Oh, and don't forget to floss!