"I'm eating my McDonald's, I come outside, and I see this girl going nuts, trying to get out of her house." That's how it all began for Internet's newest celebrity -- Charles Ramsey.

Ramsey is being heralded as a hero after helping rescue Amanda Berry and two other women who had been missing for about a decade. The three women, who disappeared separately when they were in their teens, were being held against their will until Berry's frantic cries for help alerted Ramsey, who helped her escape and alert police.

And, while the Cleveland resident's heroic actions sparked a story that has captured the attention of the entire nation, his colorful personality has made him an Internet sensation. For me, I just think it's hilariously refreshing how unrestricted and honest he is with reporters....as is evident in the video below:

And here, someone has taken the liberty to put Mr. Ransey through Autotune.

And finally, if you look close enough does he not resemble the barber from Coming to America? I'll let you decide....Either way "Dat boy good!"