If you've ever received a traffic ticket, you know it's something that needs to be taken care of. You can pay the fine, which can be pretty expensive, you can go to court to fight it, or you could do nothing at all. If you opt for the latter, you'll potentially get into more hot water when a warrant is issued for your arrest. As ordinary citizens, we know it can be a pretty big deal, but what kind of example are you setting if you happen to be a member of the state's top criminal appeals court?

According to a report in the Austin American Statesman, that's exactly what has happened to Judge Lawrence Meyers over a ticket issued in 2008. Officials say Meyers never paid the $193 fine he received for a ticket for driving 19 mph over the posted speed limit on I-35.

Meyers pleaded guilty in August and was given 2 months to pay fines that have grown to $481. The judge now says he wants to fight it in court.