Roger Clemens in Forty-Nine years old. He is actually only two months older than Jamie Moyer, the oldest current player in MLB. Is Fifty too old to play baseball? Probably not by today's standards. Especially if he juiced it up. Did a little Deca Durabolin or maybe a little HGH on the side. That would certianly help a Fifty year old attempting a comeback.

But Unfortunately, we all know that they Rocket is above that...right?

The fact is, Roger Clemens is only one year from being elgible for the Hall of Fame. Elgible being the operative word there. Chances are he won't get in for a bit. I do think though, that down the stretch, his body of work will likely speak for itself and he'll be granted acceptance into Cooperstown. But if he DID make a comeback, his elgibility would be pushed back another Five years.

This clip is from a game featuring former Longhorn players pitted against current players. Clemen's threw a perfect inning, striking out two. Here's the video.