In a world that grows more and more PC by the second it seems, there's a new trend emerging.  Well, it's actually not all that new but it is so brutally ineffective we just forget about it.

I'm talking about the act of banning.  I'm sure at some point in our lives we've been banned from something.  Trolling someone too hard on Facebook will get you banned for a couple of days.  Get too drunk at the bar this past weekend and mistook that Honda Civic in the parking lot as a urinal?  That'll get you you banned.

Apple is the most recent people to swing their mighty ban hammer.  It was announced earlier this week the company plans to ban the rifle emoji from all it's communication devices.  Because, you know, not being able to post a tiny cartoon picture of a rifle will totally curtail gun violence right?

Also in recent news, Disney decided to ban some depictions of alligators from some of their rides and attractions after a freak accident in which an alligator dragged a toddler to his death.

Seriously, tragedy is a part of life.  I'm not heartless when it comes to recent shooting sprees and rampaging reptiles.  Really, I'm not.  I feel for the families of all that are effected.  However, banning images of guns or alligators isn't going to make anything better or keep things of that nature from happening in the future.  If a child was run over by a car at Disney World would they scrap the Cars franchise of movies?  No.

I mean why not ban pictures of skyscrapers or airplanes after 9/11?  Oh wait....people tried that and it didn't work.

What we need is time to grieve, heal and press on.  That's what humans do.  They press on.  Humans are resilient.  They suffer, they get stronger.  We don't need to be shielded from images.  We are better than that.  It's just pictures after all.

Pretty soon the PC crowd will have everything we enjoy banned.  Cars, Boats, Tigers, Alcohol, Talking.  If we let the pussification of America continue.....we are doomed as a society.

Yes, I used pussification.  It's a word.  Just ask George Carlin.....oh wait he died.  Guess we should ban his picture so it doesn't remind us of heart disease.