I was reading in the Victoria Advocate that there were 14,200 students that started the new school year at V.I.S.D. schools yesterday, and when I was dropping off my eager student at Howell Middle School, I got the impression that about 95% of those students were going there. Needless to say, the traffic was horrible.

Okay,  so I'm exaggerating a little bit, but it was pretty busy. Write it off to the first few days, the newness of parents getting used to the routine of where and when to drop off their kids, etc. I can also appreciate the additional teachers and law enforcement on hand to direct traffic, trying to keep the precess moving smoothly.

I can also appreciate the obstacle course of potholes in the parking lot, that if I remember correctly, were present before the summer began.

Based on previous experience, I feel confident that parents will adapt to the routine, and in a week or 2,  we'll find the drop-off moving along rather efficiently.

But seriously, it's an exciting new year, the teachers are doing their best, parents are driving carefully, and our kids safety is what's most important.

Let's just hope the afternoon pickup routine falls into place.